Fully Customizable Token Minter

Custom taxes. Built in security. Low fees. Native compatibility with all our services. No coding required!

Fully Customizable Token Minter Fully Customizable Token MinterFully Customizable Token Minter
Ethereum • UNCX Network
Binance Chain • UNCX Network
Avalanche • UNCX Network
Gnosis Chain • UNCX Network
Polygon • UNCX Network
Mint to multiple chains
Built in Lossless security from hacks
Reflection, LP, Buyback taxes
Up to 10 custom taxes
Permanent lock functionality
No coding required. Ever.
Admin panel for editing after launch
UNCX Network
Full Control

Full Control

Discover our fully customizable token solutions. Our original ENMT minter and our new Tax Token minter which allows completely customizable taxes. We offer a full suite of options such as regular taxes, LP taxes, buybacks, reflections or even a custom label. Mint/Pause/Blacklist functions are also available.

Built-in Lossless & AntiBot

Built-in Lossless & AntiBot

By minting with Tax Token you’ll be providing peace of mind to you and your investors with our built-in Lossless and AntiBot features.

Lossless provides an additional layer of blockchain transaction security, mitigating the financial impact of smart contract exploits and private key theft. Our antibot piece of code is the market’s most innovative sniping bot protection solution.

Native Integration

Native Integration

All of our services are directly integrated and work best with tokens minted on our platform. We also display security assessment (audits) and Tax Token settings on our website. The team will be offering specific offers on ILO fees for tokens that have been minted through our in.house decentralized minting service.

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