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UNCX has integrated all services on the Goerli V2 testnet.

Are you making sure to test your contracts before deploying? To avoid errors, bugs, or security risks, you should be and a testnet is the place to do so.

Note: If you want to run tests on Goerli, you’ll need some testnet ETH. You can accumulate this test eth via a Goerli Faucet.

What is Goerli?

Goerli is one of the most popular testnets for developers to test their web3 apps for bugs and risks on Ethereum. We highly recommend and choose to offer this testnet because it is a safe spot to test decentralized applications. To use it you will need to get Goerli ETH (which is a fake testnet ETH) at one of the free faucets we have recommended above.

Why we prefer Goerli

As you now know, Kovan is deprecated and Goerli is now the go-to testnet for Ethereum.

It’s quite convenient as Uniswap has deployed to the same addresses on Goerli and mainnet. This makes tax token testing easier on Goerli as there is no need to change your router or amm related addresses if you plan to launch on Ethereum mainnet.

Relevant addresses

Goerli Liquidity locker (latest V2 locker same as on biswap, yodeswap trader joe): 0x95cbf2267ddD3448a1a1Ed5dF9DA2761af02202e

Token vesting: 0xDffCa4B8c6DEfB2FC0fbc0a1B07D4ba34a2c1453

Presale Factory: 0x000Fc5D21fb7Ec956145098F0e680cC4dd948676



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