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$UNCX & $UNCL; Time to bridge out of BNB Chain.

Dear UNCX Network Community,

With the date of 6th March 2023, Gnosis Chain published an announcement about decommissioning the native bridge between the BNB chain and Gnosis Chain due to low traffic, assets being non-native to each chain, and alternate solutions for this type of bridging. You can find the details of the announcement here.

As part of this introduction, it is worth mentioning that this is a sole decision from the Gnosis Chain & Omnibridge team. The UNCX Network team has been informed about these changes but was not involved in making this decision (we are standing as service users).

We are aware that this scenario impacts our users/holders by inviting them to bridge their holdings out of BNB Chain at their earliest convenience (see below).\

Concrete consequences of the above and expected timeline:

  • (1) From the 27th of March 2023 all transactions from BNB Chain to Gnosis Chain will be disabled (it will still be possible to send from Gnosis Chain to BNB Chain, but there would be no interest doing so for $UNCX holders — Please do not consider doing so)
  • From the 5th of June 2023 the bridge will be fully decommissioned, preventing the transactions for both sides (BNB chain <> Gnosis Chain)

(1) We are actively in touch with the Gnosis Chain team in order to extend this deadline, their team is willing to support our community and users in the best way possible. However, we recommend our users to bridge as soon as possible because we (the UNCX Network team) can not guarantee any deadline extension.

What does it mean for our holders?

Impacted tokens are ONLY BNB Chain tokens UNCX and UNCL. All utility tokens held either on Gnosis Chain or Ethereum are not impacted.

Simply put, it is time to bridge your UNCX and UNCL held on BNB Chain assets back to Gnosis or Ethereum.

We do not recommend leaving your assets on BNB Chain, as with the date of decommissioning the Gnosis Bridge to BNB, your assets might end up being stuck there forever without a possibility of selling or bridging them.

The liquidity from our Pancakeswap pairs both for UNCX and UNCL will be removed, since every holder is impacted, including us (the liquidity providers/owners).

You do not have to worry if you are reading this, we have your back and there is still plenty of time to bridge your assets!

Please find a detailed guide for bridging UNCX/UNCL to both Gnosis or Ethereum using Multichain or Omnibridge here. Which one you choose depends on you.

Some of our recommendations:

  • To bridge from BNB Chain to Gnosis Chain, you will need to use the Omnibridge guide (and from there you can also bridge back to Ethereum Chain at a later stage).
  • To bridge straight from BNB Chain to the Ethereum Chain, you will need to use the Multichain guide.

💡 If you need some support of any kind while bridging your assets backs, get in touch with the team!



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