Premium LP Locks & Token Vesting

Bring trust to your liquidity pool (LP) with the most secure and trusted lockers in the space. We are the proud creators of this technology and we do not cut corners.

Premium LP Locks & Token Vesting Premium LP Locks & Token Vesting

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Since UNCX Network has existed, we have permanently collaborated with them. Whether it has been joint development projects or security assessment related (namely audits), Chainsulting and UNCX Network are very efficient at building together.
Yannik, Co-Founder (Chainsulting)
We are very thankful for UNCX Network's team and services. Not only do they cover various security angles for tokenized business and ecosystem builders, but they are also a pleasure to work with. Keep it up!
Frédérick Marihno (Kryxivia)
DEXTools and UNCX Network have been collaborating together very early in 2020 and ever since. We are happy to grow alongside them. The security services they offer ultimately serve our userbase for the better.
Frederic, Co-Founder (DEXTools)
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What is Liquidity Locking?

What is Liquidity Locking?

Liquidity locking involves storing liquidity provider (fungible or non-fungible depending on protocols) tokens in smart contracts for a predetermined amount of time. These smart contracts are called liquidity lockers.

Liquidity lockers allow developers to preemptively lock away a set % of liquidity upon token launch (or anytime later) for a period of time of their choosing. This prevents anyone from being able to withdraw all project locked liquidity. It is an approach that ensures developers don’t have critical control of users’ funds, on top of enhanced security and decentralization.

Locking your liquidity is part of maximizing your project’s attractiveness and is the status quo for serious blockchain startups.

What is Token Vesting?

What is Token Vesting?

When token developers lock portions of a total token supply in order to release them gradually over a period of time, the process is referred to as token vesting, and the time span in which the release takes place is known as the vesting period.

Developers may use vesting services in multiple scenarios: vesting early investors (companies, retail investors, project advisors), airdropping users over time, reinforcing trust and credibility by locking their token reserves and other ecosystem funds. Our vesting contracts are fully decentralized and a statement of fund security.

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